River Rats Session: White River, Indianapolis

White River – Eats & Drinks

(red stars on map)

Brad’s Pick: Granite City Brewery

150 W. 96th St.
Carmel, IN 46290

Website – Menu

Brad’s Take: Delicious house-brewed beer with a wide range of American food. Try the Bennie – a bock beer that’s perfect for telling lies and cooling down after a long day of fishing.

Sam’s Take: Great beer but only decent food. Points off for being a chain.

Sam’s Pick: Broadripple Brew Pub

842 E 65th St
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Website – Beer Menu

Sam’s Take: Great beer. Great people watching from the patio. (Yoga pants!) Try a hand-pulled pint.

Brad’s Take: For $8.50 you’d better make a burger that fits the bun.

They Both Agree: Big Mike’s

9611 College Avenue
Carmel, IN 46280

Website – right here.

Delicious food and something for everyone. Pizza, calazones, sandwiches & salads. You won’t go hungry at Big Mike’s.

White River – Access

(blue squares on map)

We chose the Carmel, IN area as our base of operations.

There are plenty of access points throughout the Indianapolis area that we didn’t mark on the map. You can find them very easily for yourself. Without giving away any exact spots, the marked areas are the access points we used to explore the river.

Keep in mind that the White can go from 1-2′ to 6-8′ deep in just a few steps. It is best waded in clear conditions. We suggest bringing a friend rather than solo wading for the first time.

There are some spots that are entirely impassable without either walking around the shore or getting in a kayak.

Keep an eye on the conditions over at the White River USGS monitoring station. Normal pool is about 4′ gauge height or between 1,200 and 1,400 CFS.

In looking at the graphs, see the averages. Let that data be your guide.

The White is a great day wade. Smallmouth and water willows are hard to beat. The river bottom is a mix of gravel, boulders, mud and bedrock. You won’t be disappointed by this pressured, yet very healthy, urban fishery.

Good luck. And… don’t forget to set the hook.

White River Smallmouth Bass