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UnTournament 2016: Turkey Creek

9/5/2016 – 10 AM

What is an UnTournament?

It’s the opposite of a traditional fishing tournament. Or, at least, a tangent.

  1. Smallest fish wins. Catching a really, really small fish is actually quite challenging. Never tried? Join us and give ‘er a shot.
  2. Entry fee is $20. But instead of winner take all or some sort of payment schedule, all tournament entry money will be donated to Turkey Creek Nature Preserve in the winner’s name.
  3. How do you measure a really small fish? This is a catch-photo-release tournament. Each picture entry will be photographed in the angler’s hand with a quarter for scale. If the fish won’t fit in your hand it’s best to toss it back and try again.
  4. Judging will be done by consensus. It’s not exact or very scientific. Everyone participating will decide the winner. If we can’t agree we’ll flip a coin or do paper, rocks, scissors. Or something.
  5. There will be a reception following the tournament. Stay and swim, hang out or have a few cold ones courtesy of Cahaba Brewing Company.
  6. Additional rules? No nets, no live bait.

If you’ve spent time at Turkey Creek come out and support it’s continued prosperity. If you’ve never visited come and discover the Jewel of Jefferson County. It is a gorgeous little creek. There’s a video about it below.

You can RSVP on the River Rats Facebook page. Tournament entries will be paid in person, in cash, at the kickoff meeting on Sunday morning.


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The Next Generation Exploring Turkey Creek


Sam Bennetts (Jr. and Sr.) creek fishing in Alabama.